Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Blog About Running

Original, right?

I'm well aware that there are thousands upon thousands of running blogs. Blogging runners generally post reviews of new and popular running gear, talk about their mileage, discuss injury treatment and prevention, ponder varying their training schedules, chronicle what they eat for breakfast, blah blah blah, etc etc.

Yeah, I'll probably doa fair amount of that stuff, too. After all, I'm a runner and all we do is think about those things all day long, even if we're actively thinking about something else. But I'm not your average runner, or even your average blogging runner--

I'm a Viking. A running Viking.

This blog is going to be about why I love running and the progression of my passion and skill in the sport, and in turn, why running makes me feel like a Viking. I am going to talk about the boring, technical stuff sometimes but I also want to talk about how running makes me feel and why it makes me a better person inside and out. I want to talk about the little things I find along my route that make me smile, as well as why it is that I like to wake up so early just to run for an hour in a downpour and ruin a good pair of headphones.

This blog is still in its very beginning stages and I won't have a lot of time to work on it until this weekend. I am going to look into getting my CardioTrainer info from my phone linked up to this page so I can automatically share my runs. I plan on designing a calendar to visualize my training schedule. We'll see what I can and can't do, but most importantly, I'll try my best to track my trails, stay observant, and share my running/fitness journey in the most thorough, honest, and clever way that I can.

For now, this Viking needs to go to sleep because tomorrow morning is a four-miler through the rain, and as you will soon read, I live for running in the rain. The harder the downpour and the louder the thunder,  the bigger my smile. :)


  1. Your mentality with running seems to be the same as my mentality for life :) (that is to say, hardcore and fun is the only way to fly). I used to run a lot, I wasn't the fastest but I could run for HOURS without getting bored. Sadly, injuries prevent me from running now, but it sure set the tone for the way I approach life. I too love walking in the middle of winter (sub 20 degrees) with the wind smacking at my face and the rain coming down in bursts, and it just makes me smile :D

    Also, you should think about investing in some yurbuds. They're ear buds that were designed by a triathlon guy when he couldn't find anything that would stay in his ears. I got some last year and haven't looked back (they're about $50, a bit pricey but IMO definitely worth it).

    Anyway, good luck with the blog, I'll pop in every now and then to see how it's going.

  2. oh and this is Dan Sibbernsen. I didn't realize I had an account under the name of "danimal" on blogspot, go figure :P

  3. Hi, Dan! I definitely knew it was you (there's only on danimal, after all).

    I'm glad there's someone like me out there! You'll probably like what I plan on writing and I'd love input from someone who understands the adrenaline rush that comes with outdoor activity in adverse weather events.

    I looked into yurbuds this morning and they look AMAZING. Just what I've been looking for. I ordered some so I'll let you know how they work for me once they get here. I already like that they have the Ironman brand behind them. I am obsessed with the thought of doing an Ironman. There will probably be a blog post about that silly obsession soon.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Ahh! A fellow Kentuckian. Welcome to blogging! I admire your enjoyment of running in the rain. I enjoy running in the rain as a thunderstorm approaches.

  5. Yay for Kentucky runners! Thank you for the welcome. I love it so far. I skimmed through your page and notice you running a race in Cincinnati. Are you doing the Flying Pig this year or have you done it in the past? It's going to be my first ever marathon!