Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Water From Above, Water From Below


There's running in the rain, and then there's running in the rain while the creeks overflow below your feet. That was today's run in Iroquois Park. As a Viking, I loved every second of it. The hills are brutal but I was too distracted by the water gushing down toward me to notice the incline. My clothes were soaked and my shoes were even more soaked, but I am going to miss these days when the hot, humid summer drought returns. I am going to bask in the glory of how this feels because I'll sure miss it when it's gone.

Also, when I run in the rain, I average about three cars stopping to see if I need a ride to wherever I'm going. Sometimes I think it's funny and sometimes it really annoys me. Today I am annoyed. Maybe it's a simple reflection of how inactive our society has become. I never know what to say to the people because it honestly makes no sense that they would think that I am actually commuting. I am not wearing normal clothes. I am not carrying anything with me. I am taking the most roundabout and hilly route possible, which no one would do if they were going somewhere real by foot. Cars barely go that way. What makes someone think that I am on my way to work? Really? The point of this is that out of five cars that passed me today, two of them stopped to see if I needed a ride. I am not making this up.

I wanted to take some pictures of the flooding because it was pretty cool, but it was raining so hard that I didn't want to risk getting my phone out. I am having enough trouble with headphones right now that I don't need to add telephones to the water damage casualty list. Speaking of headphones, the Yurbuds survived the run! They didn't even slip out of my ear. I sometimes feel like the right earbud is going to slip out, but it never does. I attribute that feeling to years and years of having earbuds fall out of my ears, so initial bit of slippage makes me nervous.

Three days to the 10k. I am feeling pretty confident about it! Current weather forecast is low of 44 Friday night. Should be a sunny morning. Epic Saturday ahead.


  1. Good luck with the race! I'm currently training for the erging (i.e. rowing machine) marathon in April/May (haven't decided when I'll do it). To help get ready with that, I'm going the Concept2 March Madness competition (5K a day keeps the madness at bay!)

    I remember the last time I went running in a flood, it was back in 2001 during one of our final cross country practices of the year. Our coaches told us that "we aren't supposed to encourage you to run, but we're not saying you can't" :). What followed was the most slippery fun I've ever experienced (wait, I can't say that, but at least the most slippery fun I've ever experienced solo :P). The creek that ran by our school (usually about 6 feet below level), was flooding over onto the field. We ran around the course, and one point the water came up to my neck! It was CRAZY!

  2. I enjoyed my run in the rain last night.